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I Build Minimum Viable Products

Software Engineer - Startup Consultant - Deployment Specialist

William Dvorak

Google Engineer

I've worked on a number of teams at Google, which has given me a deep appreciation of engineering process. Having worked with products on the scale of billions of users, the best projects are simple, focused, and reliable. Digging my way out of technical debt on large systems, I know how to balance execution speed with perfectionism.

Olin Graduate

My education at Olin College brought together technical excellence, business sense, and user empathy. Finding all these qualities at once in an engineer is difficult. However, they are all necessary to produce real change.

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Startup Philosophy

Minimum Viable Product

An app that can validate your value proposition.

Products test hypotheses. You have an idea of how to provide value to users, and you want to test if you're correct. You should invest as little time and money as possible while still arriving at a correct answer. When successful, you iterate on your design and capture the value you're providing to users.

A clean website or app providing a focused user experience is the best way to kick off an idea. With an opinionated user flow, you decide how people should interact with your service.

I'm here to facilitate and crystalize your vision and value proposition. Then, I will build your app with your input every step of the way.

What is Excluded

scaling considerations - Providing value to a niche group is the best way to prove out your value prop. Don't engineer for 10M users on your first day. If you do, you might fall victim to premature optimization. Because large components of the system will likely change as the product is refined, do not initially design for thousands of servers.

robust security - No one wants to be the victim of hackers, and security is always important. However, you must understand that all software systems have an attack surface, and are vulnerable to a hacker who is sufficiently motivated. While there isn't much to protect, do not obsess over every unlikely attack vector.

software licensing concerns - Litigious competitors or patent trolls can be scary. There are many variants of software licenses and usage restrictions. However, implementation speed is key, and for most components, someone has already written it for you. With more traction, open source dependencies can be replaced; do not reinvent the wheel unnecessarily.

Typical Client Profiles

Building a First Version

An executive building an app on the premise of some industry insight. He needs help refining the value proposition and building the first version. Testing market assumptions through web or mobile web. Industries might include real estate, retail, legal.

Small team CICD

Technology startup with 2 to 30 engineers on staff. Setting up the production cloud services, or migrating to Google Cloud Platform. The company has a dev ops bottle neck and looking to reduce server spend or engineering operations overhead.