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MVP engineer Client - Google
MVP engineer Client - Chime
MVP engineer Client -  Amazon
MVP engineer Client - Rho

Past Clients with MVPs Built

A clean website or mobile app providing a focused user experience is the best way to validate an idea. With an opinionated user flow, you decide how people should interact with your service.

Your MVP is your company.

Choosing the right partner can be the difference between a successful launch, and burning your budget and building features that never see the light of day. At MVP engineer, our team strips out the fluff and targets your unique value proposition.

Test with real users, and iterate. Small codebases allow for fast iteration and little tech debt. We're here to facilitate and crystalize your vision and value proposition. Then, we will build your app with your input every step of the way, on budget. An all encompassing buildout for investor demos, testing marketplace, or launching to users. Built for efficiency, ready to scale to full product offering.

  • Essentialist MVPs and Fractional CTO Services
  • Guidance on technical strategy
  • Go to market and product roadmap
  • Investor pitch decks
  • Google Engineer: decades of experience

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"Bill has been critical in helping us create our farmland crowdfunding platform. His work on sorting out smart contract requirements, determining tech needs and providing expertise when finding appropriate platform partners has saved us literally tens of thousands of dollars. Looking forward to maintaining this business relationship as we grow."
Andy Wiebe
MVP engineer Client - Andy Wiebe

Past MVPs and Examples:

Some past MVPs built:

Zagat: built the first iPhone app for the Zagat brand, allowed structured search for cuisines, automated lists for geographies and tastes.

Social Pomodoro: productivity tool for matching with accountability buddy, work in 25 minute increments to help with focus and ADD, in NodeJS.

Unsubscribe Robot: inbox unclutter tool. An "invisible app", you forward an unwanted email to the address to be unsubscribed.

Passenger AI: replaced automobile driver for everything but the driving. Used pose tracking and image change detection to see if there was a medical emergency, fight, or passenger forgot a cell phone or purse.

Frameworthy Films: demo to search movies from database, selecting scene and scrub to particular frame. Crop to the correct aspect ratio, and online checkout.

Friend Flirt: matching with Facebook friends of friends who are single. Integrated a Javascript library for infinite scroll.

Examples of what you would get for major brands:

Google: page ranking a corpus as large as the Stanford research library. Based on number of backlinks or references from other articles. Give ten blue links.

Twitter: social network with users that have uni-directional following, can tweet 140 character messages. Straightforward "expert system" for ranking feed based on engagement, popularity, and frequency of tweets.

Netflix: video hosting and playback. Browse page using collaborative filtering on user shared preferences.

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"Bill has been instrumental in bringing my idea to life. He has a great ability to cut through the noise and prioritise crucial steps. He is always trying to create a revenue generating tool as quickly as possible, for the absolute minimum cost. We are at the stage of demonstrating the tool to clients and feedback has been positive. Iā€™m looking forward to the next few months of working with him."
Graham Paterson
MVP engineer Client - Kim Phifer


Fractional CTO - Advising on all aspects of technical issues and MVP consulting. Diving into the business, and setting software strategy and tactics for the company.

MVP Building - Minimum Viable Products for Essentialist Entrepreneurs. Full service dev shop for early stage projects. Building betas and prototypes from scratch.

Hiring Strategy - Setting technical evaluation and personality filters for hiring engineers. Conducting interviews on behalf of the company.

System Design Docs - Writing design docs for complex backend systems. Preparing your engineers for a successful and debt free technical delivery.

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Hi, I'm Bill

My name is William Dvorak. I'm a passionate technologist and Google engineer. I've built hundreds of MVPs. Some have launched to thousands of users and others went on to raise millions in venture funds.
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MVP engineer's Founder - William Dvorak

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"Bill has the rare ability to bring order from complexity. He dove into a large and tangled codebase, and delivered what was needed in a fraction of the expected time. He has a clearheaded view of technical choices, and communicates them as such."
Kim Phifer, Rho Business Banking
MVP engineer Client - Paul Stoltz