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Past clients of MVP engineer

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Generative AI Marketing MVP

Revolutionized prompt generation with AI images.

$16K Investment
$87K MVP Value

Bill has been instrumental in bringing my idea to life. He has a great ability to cut through the noise and prioritise crucial steps. He is always trying to create a revenue generating tool as quickly as possible, for the absolute minimum cost.

Bill has been instrumental in bringing my idea to life. He has a great ability to cut through the noise and prioritise crucial steps. He is always trying to create a revenue generating tool as quickly as possible, for the absolute minimum cost.

How we build your MVP?

MVP process MVP process MVP process


  • Essentialist MVPs and Fractional CTO Services
  • Guidance on technical strategy
  • Go to market and product roadmap
  • Investor pitch decks
  • Google Engineer: decades of experience

Fractional CTO

Advising on all aspects of technical issues and MVP consulting. Diving into the business, and setting software strategy and tactics for the company.

Software Prototype Lab

Minimum Viable Products for everyone. Full service dev shop for early stage projects. Building betas and prototypes from scratch.

Hiring strategy

Setting technical evaluation and personality filters for hiring engineers. Conducting interviews on behalf of the company.

System design docs

Writing design docs for complex backend systems. Preparing your engineers for a successful and debt free technical delivery.

Happy clients

There are dozens of happy clients talking about MVP engineer. Check them out also on clarity, linkedin

Bill has been critical in helping us create our farmland crowdfunding platform. His work on sorting out smart contract requirements, determining tech needs and providing expertise when finding appropriate platform partners has saved us literally tens of thousands of dollars. Looking forward to maintaining this business relationship as we grow.

Bill has the rare ability to bring order from complexity. He dove into a large and tangled codebase, and delivered what was needed in a fraction of the expected time. He has a clearheaded view of technical choices, and communicates them as such.

I worked with Bill developing a first MVP for a key project. His support was instrumental in getting the project off the ground -- not just advising on technical aspects of the app, he also provided strategic advice regarding MVP objectives, sequencing of the build-out, user flow considerations, look / feel solutions, product optimization decisions, and more. I recommend him as an invaluable resource for help defining your vision.

I review most of Bill's Java here at Google, and he is an excellent coder. Beyond writing code, he has become a subject matter expert in networking repairs in record time. Bill quickly and intelligently answers the questions I have for him within this broad domain.

On my last project, I leveraged Bill's expertise to build an MVP for a Financial Betting concept. I had the experience in the baseball sabermetrics and Bill was extremely quick to understand the scope. Bill worked fervently and quickly to put together the MVP and delivered a thorough product. He showed his deep experience in tensorflow and web scraping to develop the proof of concept. I would highly recommend using Bill to build out your next vision.

Bill has been instrumental in bringing my idea to life. He has a great ability to cut through the noise and prioritise crucial steps. He is always trying to create a revenue generating tool as quickly as possible, for the absolute minimum cost.

Will has an excellent ability to cut through the multiple needs we have and to intelligently prioritize them, and deliver on them quickly. Our product timeline was to be about 6 months for completion. Will had us set up with a workable, scalable product in less than 75 days. He smartly left out features that were not core to our initial target market, and for the same cost and timeline, we will have almost 3 months of user feedback and stress testing, additional features, and twice the user base. Highly recommended as a trusted advisor to get products (and whole companies) off the ground more economically.

William gave us a lot of great insight on what our needs are and next steps. It was a conversation that was very actionable - thank you!

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Current projects

We have two exciting initiatives underway that could use additional support. If you love rolling up your sleeves to build innovative solutions, these projects need your energy!

Unsubscribe Robot

Streamlining Inbox Management

Our "invisible app" helps users finally unsubscribe from unwanted emails by simply forwarding them to our service. Now we're exploring ways to sustainably monetize Unsubscribe Robot's popularity. We welcome strategic partnership ideas.

Lofi Shooter

First Person Gaming Reinvented

This immersive mobile game fuses the best of Doom 2, Poker, and Pokemon Go into a brand new AR experience. If you love dreaming up innovative gameplay or have Unity and programming chops, your talents could be a perfect match.

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We're building products that solve real problems and capture people's imaginations. Come grab a coffee with us to discuss where your skills and passions intersect with our current projects' needs. We can't wait to collaborate!

Who are we?

Our superpower is collaborating closely with clients to turn vision into reality. We iterate rapidly based on feedback to deliver MVPs on time and budget.

We are a Software Prototype Lab, taking concepts from 0->5000 lines of code, then taking equity to start again. Get in touch here to see how we can turn your minimum viable product into maximum value for your company.

Through our innovative wage note model, clients can pay us in a flexible blend of cash and equity. This way, we share in the success of the ventures we jointly create.

About the founder

Perfectionist. Google Engineer. Hackathon Specialist. AI Whisperer. Devops Expert.

Past MVPs built


An iPhone app for the Zagat brand that allows structured search for cuisines and automated lists based on geographies and tastes.

Social Pomodoro

A productivity tool developed in NodeJS that matches users with accountability buddies and helps them work in 25-minute increments to improve focus and manage ADD.


Developed a smart contract MVP to enable partial ownership of farms. The contract allows farmers to sell percentages of their land to investors, who can then receive dividends and participate in future sale profits. The goal was to make farm investment more accessible.

Passenger AI

A system that replaces automobile drivers for tasks other than driving. It uses pose tracking and image change detection to identify medical emergencies, fights, or forgotten items like cell phones or purses.

Frameworthy Films

A demo that allows users to search movies from a database, select scenes, and crop to the correct aspect ratio for online checkout.

Friend Flirt

A matching tool that connects Facebook friends of friends who are single and integrates a JavaScript library for infinite scroll. The project was built in 2012, which is seven years before the launch of Facebook Dating. The prototype was reportedly stolen and turned into a separate company.


Created an MVP platform that leverages AI to generate custom batches of graphic design images for marketing teams. Users can prompt image generation around specific themes in just 7-8 minutes.


Built an MVP that used ChatGPT to generate lesson plans and grading strategies tailored for schools in Australia.


Fintech Industry


Machine Learning Industry

Machine Learning

Edutech Industry


Healthtech Industry


Marketplaces Industry


RealEstateTech Industry


HRTech Industry


Productivity Tools




  • Python
  • Golang
  • Node.js

Frontend Web

  • JavaScript
  • React

Frontend Native

  • React Native
    React Native
  • Swift
  • Kotlin


  • Postgresql
  • MongoDB
  • Redis


  • Docker
  • GCP
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes