Save Cash, Defer Cost, Build your Company with a Startup Wage Note

Startup Wage Notes

Early stage companies are short on cash, short on investor buy in, and can't have customers without a product. The product is the company. MVP Engineer builds the product at just above cost in exchange for equity in the company.

How it Works and Example

The companies we work with have a higher probability of closing funding, and receiving revenue from its first customers. We help entrepreneurs stay hyper focused on the goal. Instead of going to a dev shop, spending $400,000 and 14 months, receiving a product off center, and buggy, essentialist entrepreneurs choose to work with us. MVPs can be built using our extensive library of past products and snippets by our network of specialists. This reduces cost, in addition to only building the most important features. Instead of getting a list of 10 features and building 12, we slash the list, and build 2: the two that are going to move the needle.

A standard engagement looks like milestones that are $2,000 each, and an equity wage note for $4,000 (2x the cash investment), that can be converted to cash upon first investment, or at some later round. It is treated as a convertible note with a cap, and is entered in each time a cash transaction takes place for milestones and advising services.

Final Thoughts

Dev shops are too expensive, and milk for cash with too many features and spaghetti code. Technical cofounders are too junior or impossible to find. Work with MVP Engineer: get expert advice and quality code that doesn't get thrown out at the beta. Start onboarding with us, and let's win with your idea.