Client Onboarding Path to Success

We're excited to learn more about your pitch, and see if a partnership makes sense for both of us. We want to share what to expect going forward, and the process we've used to produce success for our clients in the past.

  1. Fill out the onboarding form below, give us as much detail about the product and current challenges as you can. If you want to have an NDA in place before discussing, please request that in the first question, and we'll execute one with the email address you provide.
  2. We will share a brief loom, this example is for a client with a async music practice feedback app idea. We share a bit of our thoughts on competitive analysis, libraries we can use to get to MVP quickly, and past success in similar projects.
  3. We jump on a paid advice call on clarity. You get advice from minute one. We discuss how we can engage further. Generally milestone based, but retainer is also possible.
  4. If we do milestone based, we move to a $300 scoping session where we talk further details of initial features and what we want to build for the first version.
  5. We begin on milestone one, then subsequent milestones. We advise on priority and business strategy as informed by the technical constraints. All milestones are paid in advance.
  6. After about three milestones, we ask that you write us a review to be added to our testimonials. We want to work with partners that are invested in our success.
  7. We move into agile mode. You test features with users, and bring the prototype to investors. We agilely prioritize bug fixes and new features on a retainer basis. If appropriate, we train your new full time staff to take over the project and continue to scale and grow.
  8. We become long term partners, we continue to provide advice, and you refer colleagues to this process. With a referral, you get 15% off the next milestone.

MVP engineer Onboarding Questionnaire